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Our piano program is tailored to what YOU want to get out of it. Whether you want to learn Adele or Elton John, jazz or classical, we have a teacher who specializes in that field. Hear and Now encourages students to choose their repertoire! 

Piano Keys
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We pride ourselves on making sure that you have the perfect teacher for what YOU want to learn. From Led Zeppelin and Journey, to jazz or classical, we'll make sure to find the right fit.


As a singer, finding a teacher who can help you achieve the sound you want is crucial. If you want to learn to belt like Celine Dion, whisper like Billie Eilish, or croon like Frank Sinatra, we have a teacher that specializes in that style. More interested in musical theater or even classical voice? We've got you covered.

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Our beatmaking program will teach you how to create original music using just a computer and a keyboard. We are incredibly proud to be teaming up with The Beatmakers Collektiv to provide what we believe is the highest quality of electronic music education in Toronto, and likely beyond. Learn production and arranging techniques, synthesizer and sound design, composition and musicianship all while creating YOUR music.


Our string teachers have a wide range of expertise and we will make sure to match you with one who can help you accomplish YOUR goals. Want to learn Bach, Beethoven and Brahms? No problem. Or maybe you want to learn songs you hear on the radio? Either way, we'll set you up with the perfect mentor.

Drums Sticks


We make sure we match you with a drum instructor who is as well rounded, or specific as you need them to be to get the sound you want. From rock to funk, jazz to hip-hop, we make sure we match you with a teacher who knows what they are talking about.


Trying to get a better sound out of the instrument or want to increase your range? Want to learn to improvise and solo, or read and write music? Whatever you want, we can help.




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