"Hear and Now has excellent teachers. They have inspired my teen son to play better and challenge himself (he actually practices without being reminded!) The work they assign varies from traditional chords, scales and theory to adaptations of popular songs that meet and improve on my son's current abilities. We feel really lucky to have found a service like Hear and Now - The teachers are approachable, professional, and seem to genuinely love what they do."


Our son has had piano lessons with Courtney from Hear and Now for a number of years and they have provided  an outstanding piano teacher. More than simply providing instruction they are able to make music lessons fun and enjoyable. We appreciate all they do and will continue with lessons for years to come.


My son has been taking piano lessons with Hear and Now for four years and it has been a wonderful experience.  Hear and Now have kind and patient teachers and we look forward to our lesson each week.  I really like their flexibility in how they gear their lessons to each family's unique needs.  When my son first started we talked about potential teaching paths; Royal Conservatory, lessons based on other book series, or following a path unique to my son's interests.  We settled on a student-centred approach and my son has learned a wide range of music from ragtime to classical, with some weeks focused on theory or improvisation.  Now my daughter has started taking drum lessons and is excited to be making great progress. I would happily recommend Hear and Now to anyone seeking music lessons!


For years, Hear and Now has been my son's weekly bit of sunshine. Our teacher has always been amazingly positive and fun when teaching my children. He easily connects with his students, so the combination of their deep musical/technical knowledge and his fun, hip vocabulary (e.g., I’ve never heard the word ‘crunchy’ used to describe anything to do with music before) make him an ideal teacher. I highly recommend Hear and Now!


My boys, now 11 and 13, both enjoy piano with Hear and Now and look forward to learning new pieces each week. They started when they were 4 and 6 and have never wanted to stop! It speaks volumes to Hear and Now's fun and engaging approach to teaching music and his relaxed but thoughtful rapport with them. They are always keen to try new things, keeping it current and fun! They make playing music for them a pleasure, not a chore! Thanks Hear and Now for bringing music into our home.




Toronto, Canada

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